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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Backlash, Detailed Results – 21/05/2017 – Becky Fall...
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Tonight, on backlash we saw the team of Natalya, the Princess of Staten, Island and Tamina, better known as welcome Committee, go head to head with Fire and Glow. This team consisted of Becky, Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Smackdown Lives covenant, Women’s Champion Naomi.
Now Let’s write about it!

Video – Stream

James Ellsworth kicked of a pre-opening promo, talking bunch of garbage like he usually does. He made the most, ridiculous comment about him being the Micheal Jordan of the WWE and then he introduced Carmella. Then out, came Tamina, followed by our girl Natalya.
They stood united in the ring, but they had to await the babyfaces, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Women’s champion, Naomi. The referee then rings the bell and the match is officially started.

Tamina and Becky Lynch are the, legal competitors and they start with an, elbow and collar, tie up; Tamina overpowers, Becky Lynch, shove her down on her, butt. Tamina gloats to her faction before she continues the attack; however, Becky, gets on the back of Tamina. She then rams, Becky back into the top, turnbuckle… Next, Tamina, charges her but no one, was home. Tamina comes out with furious lariat, but misses again… Becky, then climbs on her back for crucifix, take down. Next, she transitions into a sunset rollup, attempt, but is unable to get her down, as Tamina, overpowers her and picks her up by the throat with both of her hands. Suddenly, she nails her with a head butt that knocks her back into the corner.

She then tags our girl, Nattie, into the squared-circle; Tamina holds her whilst, Natalya, hits her in stomach with a kick. Next, Natalya hooks her up for a suplex… but, Becky counters with a small package and gets a near fall. Nattie, yells at Becky, “Are you, kidding me!” as she holds her by the side of her face and hair. However, this costs our girl, as she is arm dragged into; Fire and Glows, corner.

Becky, then kicks, Nattie once and tags in, Charlotte Flair. She then twists her arm going into the next sequence of moves. Nattie uses veteran, savvy tactics as she stomps on, Charlotte’s foot, giving her now the advantage. Next, Charlotte, cartwheels out of it, ‘this looked very pretty, indeed… I, must say.’
However, Natalya proved she is best grappler in the, WWE for the woman if not even the men as she easily counters her cartwheel and slams her down by her wrist using technique and ring experience. Next, Natalya, taunts the Smackdown, Women’s Champion and gets rolled up for a pinning predicament, but she kicks out at two and a half.
Charlotte then hits her three times with knife-edge chops, sending our girl, down to the canvas. Next, she hits her signature flair, running knee in the throat of, Natalya. She, then reverses, Charlotte’s, Irish whip. She, flips over upside down as she reaches the turnbuckle, avoiding the contact and then hits with a kick to side of Nattie’s, face and then takes her down, by the back of her hair. Carmella, then distracts, Charlotte and allows, Natalya to hit a huge, clothesline knocking, her down onto hardest part of the ring.

She, then backs charlotte into her corner with a front-face, lock and then tags in, Tamina as she still holds her, Nattie, then release her. Both Tamina and Natalya double stomp her in the corner. Natalya, directs traffic in that ring; she, makes Tamina tag in the fresh, Carmella, as she kicks her more in the corner. They, then frequent tag again as, Natalya, stomps away on her, and another tag to Tamina is made, Nattie yells, “SHUT UP!” to the crowd.
Tamina kicks her down some more, before tagging in the princess of Statin, Island once again. Carmella then flips her over in a snap, mare and hits 3 well placed elbows to the, shoulder and neck area and applies a rest hold.

Carmella, trash talks her some more while she is on top with submission attempt that is just not going to work. Charlotte, fights back and tries to slam, Carmella, who flips over her and takes her down by her hair; she covers her and gets a count of two. Next, Carmella rams, Charlotte into the top of her foot, as she placed it with flexibility. She then rams her face first into the top turnbuckle; she tries it again… but, Charlotte reverses it and rams Carmella into the buckle instead, which takes her down. Charlotte, tries make the tag she is stopped twice, but finally makes the scorching, hot tag… to, Naomi.

Naomi, comes in with style in the form of top, rope springboard, high cross body and takes, Carmella, down for a count of 2. She, then does her jumping signature kicks, and then takes, Carmella, down with a kick to the face. She then begins to get crowd into it as it was a bit dead, yelling, “Glow, Glow and Glow,” as she hit a drop kick on, Carmella, who was in the corner.
Next, Naomi, tries a splitted, Moonsalt attempt; but, Tamina stops her and this cause Carmella to take advantage as she is momentarily, distracted. She then works over the leg in the ropes doing more damage to it. Carmella, then hits a, bronco buster in the corner and scores another near fall and then picks, Naomi, up by her hair. She then tags Tamina back into the squared, circle.

Next, Tamina, applies a reverse chin lock, rest hold; Naomi, fights back out with few elbows and a kick. Although, on this offensive exchange; it is not enough as Tamina floors her with a clothesline, and the momentum takes her down to canvas as well, “Tag her in!” suggested Natalya.
She tags in, Carmella, and kicks her and then she tags in, Natalya, after that. They, both attempt a double team but it backfires and Carmella eats nothing but a face, fall of turnbuckle instead.

Natalya, then quickly gets back on the offensive attack, and kicks, Naomi, and in one fell swoop, forearms, Charlotte, from the apron to the arena floor. Next, she tags in, Tamina, who makes a mistake and Naomi almost tags in Becky Lynch who is pulled off, of the apron by, Carmella; in a great, heel-like maneuver. Tamina, then sets up, Naomi, for one of her finishing moves; the Samoan, drop. She, hoists, Naomi, up and nails the move and almost wins the match for her team; but, it is broken up by, Charlotte Flair. Tamina then tags in Natalya, which is last tag on their team of the match.
Natalya atomic drops Naomi on her as, but Naomi has drop kick scouted and she counters with a head scissors and makes the incinerating, hot tag to Becky lynch, which is now last tag of the match for their team.

Becky erupts like a volcano and runs through Natalya, and the whole welcome, committee as she knocks both Carmella and Tamina form the apron. She then hits, a clothes line followed by a one, legged drop kick that takes down our girl twice. Natalya, is resilient and gets back up and receives a kick and a forearm before being hooked up into the, Beck plex, exploder suplex on Natalya into the corner.
Becky, then hits vicious, fiery forearm to jaw, and she almost gets our girl; who rolls her shoulder off the canvas at, two and a, three quarters of the referee’s count. Becky, then positions her for a high-risk octane move, but Tamina pushes her off the apron and they go into the false finish of the, Sharpshooter attempt that is countered into the Disarmer.

Natalya does not give up as she is saved by Carmella; Charlotte then chucks Carmella out of the ring. After that she is met by a superkick from Tamina and then she head-butts, Naomi, clearing the ring of everyone. Our girl and Becky, are still the legal, participants; if, you were keeping count of what was going on within, all the chaos.
Now we are going into finishing sequence of the match… Natalya tries to German suplex, Becky… but, it is countered into a roll up, which, Nattie kicks out at two. Tamina, enforces herself again illegally into the match and eats a forearm to the face for her troubles. Natalya counters with a double leg take down and gets her into sharpshooter. Becky crawls one inch before Nattie really synchs, the hold in deep and there is no escape. Becky, lasts about twenty to 30 seconds, being in the sharpshooter before she has no choice, but to tap out ending the match by submission. The Welcome Committee win the match and celebrate on the rampway, where, as the other team looks annoyed. They show a replay before the segment comes to an end.

personal thoughts, ‘a good solid match where it came to, all 6 women. They were used to their strengths and weaknesses, the European tour for sure helped practising this match for the PPV. There was, no boring finisher fest to end the match either, just great all around action and it was great to see Nattie used again properly and showing how dangerous her sharpshooter really is!’

Winner = Natalya, Tamina and Carmella

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