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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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NXT Results/Write Up – 25/07/2012
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Earlier in the night the graphics of the match between Sophia Cortez and Natalya was shown as the commentators talked a bit about it and then it went to a commercial break.

Later in the night Natalya made her way out first, she had a stunning outfit, I absolutely J’adore (Love in French) it. She poses and then awaits Sophia Cortez who won last week, she had been building momentum and shows great charisma on her entrance, I personally liked what I saw in this match.

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WWE NXT Results/Write Up 13/06/2012
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Kaitlyn makes her way down to the ring first and then our girl Natalya is introduced second. Natalya takes her dear time and makes Kaitlyn wait as she poses in the corner and takes her cape off she is the pink vixen today!

The bell is rung and the match is officially started, they lock up and Natalya gains the early upper hand by shoving Kaitlyn down. Kaitlyn gets back up and they lock up again and Kaitlyn takes Natalya over and I have never seen that happen to Natalya ever someone out wrestle her from a grapple!
Now Kaitlyn double leg picks up Natalya and rolls up in a Jack-knife cover but Natalya impressively bridges out of the pin attempt on her. Natalya switches it into a back slide and gets near fall now on Kaitlyn.

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NXT Results/Write Up – 06/06/2012
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Tamina first comes out to a full entrance and get sin the squared circle first. Our girl Natalya comes out wearing a stunning outfit I need find out where she got it so time to tweet her after this write up!
She looks like the Black Widow in this, I absolutely love this outfit and this should be her permanent style maybe change it up a bit with colours and stuff, but back to the action. She poses and takes off the cape part when she gets to the ring and the bell is rung and the match is officially started.

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Nxt Results/Write Up – 25/04/2012
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Johnny Curtis is shown first backstage and he is told he must accompany Maxine to the ring. First the team of Tamina and Kaitlyn are introduced; we are shown another tribute package of Tamina as she poses inside the ring. Next Maxine /w Johnny Curtis comes out to Natalya’s Music they get into the ring and Johnny Curtis watches from the outside.

The match starts quickly with Kaitlyn and Tamina throwing a double drop kick on our girl and Maxine they roll out of the ring. Nattie does not look happy, she playing a full heel again on T.V. it seems I love her as a heel!

Natalya gets back in the ring, Natalya and Kaitlyn start things off and Kaitlyn goes behind with a rear waist lock that Natalya easily escapes from. Natalya turns defence straight into offense as she counters by pulling Kaitlyn by her hair and shoving her head back into the canvas. She then kicks her when she is down as well no malice shown by our girl!

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NXt Results – 04/04/2012
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For this week’s action Natalya is featured on NXT in a backstage segment to begin with so let’s cover that part right now!

Michael McGillicutty is talking to our diva Natalya backstage, he boasts about how if he wins his main event match against Derrick Bateman he will get another match against Tyson Kidd. He then goes on about how he doesn’t want to let his family down. Natalya does buy his garbage and tells him to keep it between him and Tyson and do not bring her family up again and throws her Bra top at Michael lol.

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NXt Results/Write Up – 29/02/2012 – Tyson is a Hart ...
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Natalya was featured backstage with Tyson Kidd and they were talking about how Tyson is a Hart and one of us and then Micheal McGillicutty sniffing saying he can smell something and it is not Natalya. How rude of him Natalya should of slapped the taste of his mount!
Tyson said whats that your lack of talent and Nattie starts to laugh. He also says “the only reason a Hart cares about you is because they fell sorry for you”
he then walks off and Natalya says “That’s not true, not true at all you are going to do great tonight!”

the Segment then comes to an end, see Video and media below.

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