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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Summerslam Results – 19/08/2012
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Natalya was a part of SummerSlam last Sunday night as she joined the other WWE Divas on stage dancing during Kevin Rudolf’s performance of “Don’t Give Up”, the theme song for Summerslam.

SummerSlam Digitals

HD Captures – View

HD Video – Download

More Results – Results Archive

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Money In the Bank Results/Write Up – 15/07/2012
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Natalya gave us all a teaser that she would be in action earlier that night via her official twitter with a photo of her in wrestling gear. She would indeed team up with Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres to take on Tamina, Kaitlyn and Divas champion Layla.
The baby face team made their way to the ring first. They all got separate entrances though which was least decent of wwe to give that. Natalya came out second on her team followed by Eve, Beth was up first.
Natalya started things off with Tamina as the bell was rung by the referee. Natalya locks up with Tamina and takes her over with a head lock take over but Tamina got up and took over Natalya after that and then hit a Knife-edge chop and took Natalya down again. She then gets a face lock on her and tags in Kaitlyn. Tamina whips Natalya into Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn hits a back breaker much like this week on Superstars. Kaitlyn hooks the leg and gets a near fall on our girl.

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Elimination Chamber Results/Write up – Natalya is Embarres...
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Our girl Nattie was indeed part of the Elimination Chamber last night, she was featured back stage in a segment, continue reading and check out the video below.

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Royal Rumble Results/Write up – Divas of Doom Dominate!
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In this year’s Royal rumble there was a surprise divas match which consisted of Divas of Doom (Beth and Natalya) teaming up with the Bella twins. They took on Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox and Tamina. Our girls’ team made their entrance first to the ring and then the baby face team came in second.

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Survivor Series Results – 20/11/2011 – Good God Almighty a G...
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We start with all of the l Lumberjills being introduced first the heels and the baby faces but our girl is not present, hopefully she is coming out with Beth.
Eve makes her way first being the challenger for the divas championship she enter the ring and awaits her opponent the reigning champion the Glamazon Beth Phoenix one half of the Sisters of Salvation!

Beth comes out second and our girl is with her they hold the title at the top of the aisle in Madison Square Garden, before heading down to the ring , Natalya then joins the heel divas on the outside of the ring the referee then rings the bell. They lock up and Beth overpowers Eve and shoves her into the ropes and mocks Eve but that fires her up and Eve strikes Beth with a Forearm. Eve then runs and ducks under a clothesline from the Glamazon and hits the ropes and high cross body’s Beth but is caught in mid-air. Beth then sort of just drops her to say I can woman handle you whenever I want.

Beth then sets up Eve for an elbow drop but misses and then Eve then kicks Beth in the face, she lays on top off of Beth, she leans back hooking the inside leg and gets a near fall on the champion. Eve kicks her a second time in the face, she then Booty pops for her Moonsalt but Beth quickly gets out of the ring but the baby faces throw Beth back into the ring, she is not happy nor is Natty.

Beth runs straight into a Reverse Neck Breaker by Eve and then eve finally hits the Moonsalt, she covers Beth once more and Beth kicks out at two and a half. Beth then counters with a kick, Eve then rushes Beth as she leans on the ropes recovering from the neck breaker and she takes Eve over the ropes. Eve lands on her feet but Natalya tries to pull her down. Suddenly Eve kicks Natalya in the chest which rocks her backwards but Beth takes advantage of our divas distraction with a huge kick as she entered the ring.

She then stomps her several times and then sets up Eve under the bottom rope and she double legs sling shots her throat first right into bottom rope, ouch. Beth then covers Eve, the leg is hooked and another near fall, the challenger reached down as was able to kick out at two. Beth then gets on top of Eve almost immediately with a chin lock wear down submission; Beth applies pressure wrenching her neck back and forth. Natalya cheers her Sister of Salvation member on at ring side along with the rest of the heels.

Eve Fights back out of the predicament, Beth hammers her on the back and whips her into the ropes but Eve holds on and kicks her in the face with both feet. Eve then jumps on Beth, looks for the Glam Slam but Eve rolls through and knocks her into the second turnbuckle. Beth bounces back and eats a dropkick in the face and it takes down Beth, Eve then hits a running back elbow which impressively takes down Beth one more time to the canvas.
Eve then Kicks her in the sternum follows it up with a Scissors kick to the chest which rocks the Glamazon, she then runs off the ropes and hits a Bret Hart Like flying Clothesline and takes down Beth a third time.

Eve then runs off the ropes for her running jumping forward flip with her legs but Beth gets both Knees up and Eve hurts her spine and lower back and sells it well. Beth quickly hooks up Eve for the Glam Slam but she miraclesly elbows her way out of it to avoid sudden disaster. She counters into a Triangle Jujitsu choke hooking one Arm she gets Beth down and we could have a new champion. When they get down to Canvas Eve transitions into a deadly triangle leg choke, shades of the Undertaker and Kurt Angle, Natalya tries to help but Eve blocks it however Beth is able flip over and get into ropes on bottom of our screen that was really close for Beth.

Eve stairs a hole through Natalya, which makes Natty get up on the apron she takes a shot at our girl but she uses her speed and brains to outsmart eve and jumps down along with the Bella Twins. Beth then rolls her up with a reverse Sunset flip and gets a two count; Eve counters and gets a near fall as well. These two girls are really fighting for a championship in this match. Beth runs into a back Elbow then Eve hits her Chock Kick which you hear around the arena.

Eve then climbs to the top for her Moonsalt but Beth gets up and both girls exchange blows in the corner until Beth grabs both of Eves Arms. Beth hooks up the Glam Slam from the second rope and GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY A GLAM SLAM FROM THE SECOND ROPE, ITS OVER NOW!
Beth lied on top of Eve after they come crashing down from the top for the cover and it was academic at this point, Beth retains the champion in an amazing match. Natalya celebrates with Beth in Madison Square Garden.

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Pay Per View (PPV) Results Archives!
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I have added the Pay per View Archives now to Pinup Strong Archives you can see every ppv Natalya participated in since her Debut n 2008 along with a link to the Video/HD Captures and HQ Digitals.

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Pay Per View (PPV) Results Archives! – View

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