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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Smackdown Results – 25/11/2011 – Natalya Makes An Exampl...
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Alicia Fox is sitting alongside Booker T, Josh and Michael Cole; she has graced us with her presence for commentating for tonight’s tag team match.

Natalya and Beth make their way down the aisle to the ring, Nattie is wearing a stunning new outfit, with little pink hearts and really can we get a Diva focus of this outfit wwe?
They hold up the Divas title between them and smile and get into the ring and they mean business tonight looking at the body language of Nattie Neidhart.

Next AJ and Kaitlyn come out to AJ music Kaitlyn is wearing her amazing red outfit I really dig this one, AJ is dressed in her Blue shorts and High cut top. Kaitlyn and our Diva Natalya start things off for their respective teams, Natalya uses her size and power against Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn is no small girl either and backs her into the bottom left corner of the ring.
Natalya drives a hard knee into her abdominal region and then mocks her and laughs manically and then charges but Kaitlyn moved out of the way at last second!

Kaitlyn takes full advantage of our girl in the corner; kaitlyn drags Natalya into her corner and then rams her face first into the top turnbuckle. She then follows up expertly with a knee right into our girls Stomach, she next tags in the smaller AJ Lee and she whips AJ into Natalya who is still stuck in their corner.

AJ connected with a clothesline in the corner after being whipped into Natalya, she then kicks her in her strong thigh which really has no effect on Natalya. AJ hits the ropes and jumps on top of Natalya via a flying Head Scissors and shoves Natalya into all three ring ropes, which stuns her momentarily. AJ goes for a reverse roll up but Natalya holds onto the ropes using her veteran and ring savvy.
She jumps in front of Natalya, Natalya lifts her up but AJ counters in mid-air and rolls Natalya up like Kelly, Kelly but she did not get her as Natalya kicked out at two and a half.

AJ tries to whip Natalya next but Natalya twists her round and reverses it and takes AJ down by her hair using her power, she then asks AJ “are you ready to cry?”
Natalya then hooks her legs and steps through and applies the deadliest submission move in the wwe the Sharpshooter and AJ taps out immediately not wanting to feel the Natalya’s version of the Sharp Shooter she felt last week.

Kaitlyn did not lift a finger to help her in fact she walks away while our girls hand is raised and she had her foot on top of AJ’s back. Beth grabs the microphone and says “it is my favourite part of the show, CRY TIME!”

Natalya puts her in the sharpshooter and applies her extra pressure after a while, “CRY AJ CRY!” yelled Beth.
Meanwhile Alicia Fox had seen enough of what our naughty Natalya is doing and hits the ring, Natalya and Beth gloat at their handy work up the aisle as the segment comes to an end.


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Smackdown Spoilers – 25/11/2011
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Smackdown Results – 18/11/2011 – AJ Cried Tears of Pain!
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Natalya and Beth make their way to the ring and while their heading towards the ring we learned that Beth vs Eve for the Divas Title at Survivor Series is now a Lumber Jill match.
Kaitlyn and AJ are introduced after Beth and Natty do the awesome holding the title between them on their entrance; Kaitlyn starts things of with Divas champion Beth as the referee rings the bell.

Beth shoves her but Kaitlyn is not intimidated by the Glamazon and locks up with Beth instantly after the shove showing no fear. Beth Shoves Kaitlyn into the ropes as our girl looks on from the outside, Kaitlyn fires back with a striking forearm to Beth’s face which rocks her slightly.
Beth tries to take Kaitlyn’s head off with a clothesline but misses as Kaitlyn ducks out of the way avoiding the contact. Kaitlyn then drop kicks Beth in the chest area which pushes her back to the corner, Kaitlyn then Knees her forearms and knees her again until the referee makes her break it up. Beth then counters using brute force and picks her up but Kaitlyn slides out and pushes Beth into the Ring Ropes. Suddenly the tide turns quickly as Kaitlyn lunges at Beth who drops her sternum first across the top rope.

Beth then kick’s her hard in the stomach, then kicks her two times on back and hammers on the back you can hear those shots, Beth then covers Kaitlyn, the leg is hooked with the Glama Pose and only gets a near fall on her. Finally our girl gets some action as Beth tags her in legally they grab both legs and give her a modified Suplex, Natalya into cover and hooks the leg and gets another near fall. Natalya then hooks the leg a second time on another cover but Kaitlyn powers out with her free leg, Natty begins to trash talk Kaitlyn, I love this heel persona it reminds me of such great heels in the business.

Natalya kicks her hard gain in the ribs, “GET UP, you want to cry?” yelled Natalya.
Natalya grabs hold of Kaitlyn’s hair and then puts her in an Abdominal Stretch and still trash talks her, lol, Natalya makes Kaitlyn scream with a vile shot to her ribs while maintaining the hold. Suddenly Kaitlyn hits Natalya in her right leg which weakened her grip and hip tosses her over but Natalya was still able to prevent the hot tag from being made to AJ Lee. She grabs hold of the ankle and leg of Kaitlyn and the Body Slams her in the ring and measures her face for a leg drop but no one was home and our girl hurt her amazing thigh on the canvas, Kaitlyn makes the hot tag to AJ.

AJ comes in off of the hot tag and climbs to the top turnbuckle and launches herself with a High Cross Body taking down Natalya. AJ then forearms her twice and then kicks her in the thigh that she missed the leg drop moments ago on Kaitlyn, AJ then goes off the ropes for a sunset flip she flips over but Natalya has way too much leg strength to take her down and Natalya stomps her hard in her belly.

Natalya next grabs both of AJ’s legs and hooks her up in the Sharpshooter as Kaitlyn can only watch on and do nothing, AJ does not give up and Natalya synchs it right back much like she did on Melina and AJ cried in agony and taps out immediately and its over!
Beth and Natalya mock AJ after the match, Kaitlyn doesn’t even help her, in fact she is really angry at her for losing the match reading the body language, this story will continue for sure and Natalya won a match finally so I am happy, this match was the best match since Eve vs Beth from Vengeance this month. Both Beth and Natalya celebrate as the replay is shown and Kaitlyn doesn’t even help the hurting AJ after the replay she looks at her displeased like she did before the replay when AJ was trying to get up and out of the ring.

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Smackdown Results – Josh Is Told To Shut UP 12/11/2011
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This week Natalya was not in a match but graced her presence with her funny commentary, I love her on commentary I knew soon as I read the spoilers I would focus more on Nattie than the divas in the ring. Also to note Aksana was in Alicia Fox’s Corner and Rosa was with Tamina.

I will first do you a quick play by play recap of the match and then list the funny stuff Natalya said on commentating so let’s get started

Tamina controlled most of the match being the Heel, she starts off very aggressive from the starting lock up position nailing Alicia Fox with a knee and then driving her into the corner. She kicks her a few times but Alicia fights out of the corner with forearms but Tamina counters with a jumping Headbutt which sends Alicia back into the corner and down slightly and then Tamina flings her halfway across the ring by her head and hair. Next Tamina grabs he r by the hair and knees her right in the face, Tamina then repeats what she just did a second time using her power on Alicia who is no small diva in her own right.

Tamina then locks Alicia in a submission hold hooking both arms but Alicia refuses to give up and fights out of the predicament, she tries to fight out of it the first time but Tamina brings her back down but eventually Alicia Fox back drops her over from her kneeling position. Alicia Fox follows up with a back elbow followed by another one and a one legged drop kick, not sure why some divas cannot do proper drop kick Eve does this as well but Natalya does a full drop kick perfectly, Alicia hits her again with a one legged drop kick taking Tamina down again.

Tamina counters with a right hand and then body Slams Alicia down to canvas hits the ropes and missing the diving head Butt Alicia moves out of the way at the last second. Alicia then hits her with a unique kick and then the move that pinned Natalya last week a standing flip over leg drop, please use the Scissor kick again this finisher looks weak.
Alicia pins Tamina and Natalya is not happy, she said “some surprises are the best when you least expect them!” but her toned changed as she said the last part of her sentence.

Natalya’s best lines on commentating, but make sure you watch our video you won’t be disappointed!

Mr Louie is Pinup Strong, and appreciates a woman who is stacked in the front and Back!

She refereed also to Kelly and Eve as Barbies/Muts this was the funniest line all night, our girl has some jokes!

She also told josh many times to shut his mouth as he has no clue what he is talking about which was pretty funny as well!

Winner = Alicia fox

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Smackdown Spoilers – 11/11/2011
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Natalya will be on Smackdown this Friday click the spoilers if you want to know what she gets up to on Friday!

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Smackdown results Archive – Present – 2008
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I have added the Smackdown Archives now to the Pinup Strong Archives, from her debut to present date.

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