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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Detailed Smackdown Results – 16/11/2012
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This week’s Smackdown featured a 6 divas tag match featuring our girl Natalya. She teamed up with Layla and Kaitlyn to take on Alicia Fox, Aksana and Divas champion Eve Torres.

Natalya started things off with Aksana, and Natalya was taunting her before they locked up Aksana grabbed hold of Natalya wrist but Natalya did her signature roll and back flip back to her feet to reverse the hold. Natalya School girls her and gets a near fall on Aksana and then locks her up in a front face lock and tags in Layla.

The double team effort then commences, Layla spanks Aksana’s bum while she is being held and then they double clothesline her down and Natalya gets out before the referee reaches the count of five.

See Video Stream Below (will add tonight)

Layla then hits a drop kick and then pushes her with her bum and then goes for the cover and gets two and a half on Aksana. Layla whips her into the ropes after that, Alicia makes the blind tag as Aksana hit the ropes. She then comes in and they double smash the back of her head into the mat as Layla was not aware of the tag!

Alicia with the cover but gets another near fall. Next Alicia delivers a nice Northern Lights suplex and gets a long two and a half count on Layla. She then throws Layla by her hair towards her corner and makes a tag to current Diva’s champion Eve Torres. Alicia fox then body slams Layla and Eve hits the ropes and does her flipping front summersault and hits Layla with her legs. The leg is hooked but Eve cannot get three off of that exchange of offense.

Eve then chokes Layla over the middle rope with her knee breaking before she is out of here. After that she uses the ropes to knock her back down to the canvas; another cover, and another near fall. Natalya and Kaitlyn both cheer on Layla as the camera is zoomed on our girl and Kaitlyn. Eve flips Layla over and hits a kick to the face and still cannot pin Layla as she kicks out at two and a half!

Eve drags Layla by her hair and then tags back in Alicia Fox. Eve holds her in the corner for Alicia Fox. She hits a reverse kick to mid-section of Layla and Eve gets out before being disqualified. Natalya cheers for Layla as Alicia strikes her again. Layla hits a reverse elbow and dives for the tag but Alicia cuts her off but Layla turns on her back and kicks her away and finally the incinerating tag is made to Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn comes in with a clothesline on Alicia Fox, followed by a reverse elbow sending her to canvas yet again. Next a flying reverse elbow strikes her right on the jaw. She elbows fox again in the ropes and whips her but puts her head down slightly too early and Alicia counters with a kick. Alicia misses a lariat after that as Kaitlyn ducks out of the way; Kaitlyn then hits a flapjack driving her face first into the mat.

Kaitlyn Irish whips her again into the ropes and hits flying tackle/shoulder block using her build to her advantage. Kaitlyn covers Alicia Fox and gets two and a half as Aksana interrupts the count which brings in Natalya who throws Aksana out of the ring through the middle ring ropes. She goes out after her and hammers away off camera as the focus goes back to number one contender Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox.

Eve tries to cheat but Kaitlyn reverse it Alicia put on the emergency stop breaks, but Kaitlyn drop kicks her into her from the back and then sends her into Eve knocking Eve from the Apron to the floor. Next Kaitlyn hits her finishing reverse DDT and picks up the win for our girl and Layla, they celebrate in the ring and emphasis is put on if Kaitlyn will be the next Divas champion this Sunday at Survivor Series!

A good 6 divas match which got at least 4 minutes and each diva got a chance to wrestle just wished we could have got more action for Natalya to show case her wrestling talents!

Winners = Natalya, kaitlyn and Layla

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