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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Smackdown Write Up – 06/01/2012 – Heritage and One Physical ...
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Natalya is standing currently in the ring and they show a video of her father Jim the Anvil Neidhart and mention why he was called the anvil because he could throw an Anvil further than anyone in Calgary. It shows her father wrestling with Bret and was amazing to see this also meant a lot to Nattie, after explain this to her on twitter she gave us a little reply telling us it meant a lot!

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Smackdown Redux/Write Up – 30/12/2011 Natalya got squashed lit...
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Alicia and Kaitlyn make their way to the ring and, Michael shows you how much he knows his own company product not knowing the difference between a roll up and a Small Package/inside Cradle. Booker T corrects him that was so great of him to correct the self-proclaimed voice of the wwe.
Natalya’s music then plays and she comes out with her tag team partner Tamina they rush to the ring with purpose, especially our girl Natalya she wants to destroy someone , she is enraged before the bell is even rung!

Tamina and Kaitlyn decide to start things and that is probably a good thing Natalya wants to destroy Alicia Fox for pulling her weave out 2 weeks ago. Tamina rushes at Kaitlyn but misses wildly with a clothesline, and Kaitlyn runs the other side bouncing off the ring ropes and high cross bodies Tamina down and gets a one count. Kaitlyn then throw a drop kick and take Tamina down and covers her, hooking a leg, but only gets another near fall off the drop kick on her.

Kaitlyn strikes with a kick and then snap mares her larger opponent over and then runs against the ropes and Natalya grabs her from behind which turns Kaitlyn’s attention towards Natalya. Tamina then hits her with running clubbing blow to back of the neck which takes Kaitlyn down; she tags in the 3rd generation diva our girl Natalya!

Both Natalya and Tamina grab Kaitlyn by both arms and slam her back on the back of her head, ouch. Natalya Stamps Kaitlyn in the mid-section and covers her, the leg is hooked and another near fall. Natalya grabs her by the hair and slams her face first and grins and smiles manically she then locks her legs in unique submission and pulls Kaitlyn’s hair and is warned by the referee as hair pulling is illegal in wrestling.
Natalya then picks up Kaitlyn and drops her head first in a Michoku Driver but instead of covering Kaitlyn she tries to leg drop her but no one is home and Kaitlyn makes the hot tag to Alicia Fox.

Alicia comes in and tries to Brode kick Natalya but misses or some miscue happened, but Natalya ended up running into turnbuckle, in fact Natalya saved the botch there with improvisation, a true veteran of her craft. Alicia hits the Scissor kick which looked pretty sick as Natalya; she sold it brilliantly as always. Alicia picks up the win off a fast Scissor kick.

Post-Match Action!

Natalya then gets up shocked that she lost another match, Tamina was not too pleased, meanwhile Alicia, and Kaitlyn are celebrating then suddenly Tamina Super-kicks Natalya right in the face, then hits the Samoan Splash from top rope, poor Nattie!

Karna’s thoughts

Okay this was a weird episode as now is Natalya a face or still heel, is Tamina a face the action in ring was good for the time they were given, just I don’t understand this angle, also why is there no number contender named for Beth’s title as well?

Winner = Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox

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29/12/2011 Live/Hose Show Results From Buffalo, New York
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A.J. and Alicia Fox defeated Tamina and Natalya with Aksana as special guest referee, Same match as yesterday, thanks to Robbyv13 on twitter for confirming.

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28/12/2011 – Live Show/House Show Results from Detroit
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A.J. and Alicia Fox defeated Tamina and Natalya with Aksana as special guest referee. All of the divas were wearing some form of Christmas gear. It was a very sloppy match. Natalya deserves so much better than to be placed with the rest of this junk. A.J. and Alicia won out of nowhere with a rather lame move. Not going to lie, I really wasn’t paying that much attention to this match.

further details

it was more of a joke match, as Askana joked around by hitting Alicia and Natalya on the butt, and Natalya tried to give Alicia a box of tissues, but Alicia hit it out of her hand. Not a very memorable match, Alicia won with a Scissors Kick to Tamina.

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Raw Redux – 26/12/2011 – The Hart Dynasty Unite To Take On E...
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I have to say I really enjoyed this raw tonight it was so nice to see the on screen characters of Natalya and Tyson Kidd back together for a mixed tag, they are off screen B/F and G/F for those not keeping score at home.

We kick things off with Eve getting her own entrance and then the new US champion Zack Ryder get his own entrance and then we go to a commercial break, then we come back and we see Natalya and Tyson on the same team what a treat folks!

Tyson and Ryder start things off on the match with Natalya and Eve in their adjacent corners of the ring holding their tag ropes. Tyson backs Ryder into the corner and the referee fails to get a clean break as Tyson cheap shots Zack Ryder in the corner with a boot to the sternum. He then beats down Ryder with several boots and our girl approves yelling yay on the apron she is so charismatic!

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17/12/2011 – WWE Live/House Show Results Long Island, N.Y.
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Kelly Kelly & Eve beat Divas champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya. Phoenix took the pin. Typical Divas tag match

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