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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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Raw Results/Write Up – 23/04/2012
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First the Bella Twins come out to the ring and Nikki Bella is introduced as the challenger and then out comes the champion Beth. Eve interrupts before the bell can be rung and she said her new job is to make the wwe programming a better show and that half the divas do nothing anyway. This match is now a Lumberjill match.
Our Girl Natalya comes out with all the Lumberjills, they surround the ring and the bell is rung. Nikki starts off with a drop kick taking down the Glamazon right off of the bat. She follows up with a monkey flip taking over Beth as she lands on her bottom. Beth suddenly overpowers Nikki with a double leg pickup into the corner and she shoulder blocks her twice as Natalya cheers on her Pinup Strong friend Beth.

Beth hammers and chokes Nikki Bella in the corner before breaking before the DQ count hits 5. Beth then runs into a back elbow and she goes down to one knee as Nikki climbs to the second turnbuckle on the inside. Beth cuts her off and then military presses Nikki and drops her face and chest first right into canvas and gets back in the driver seat of this match.

Beth then stamps on her back and then Beth delivers a vicious kick to the sternum of Nikki Bella, which sends Nikki onto her back down onto the canvas. Beth continues the punishment as she chokes Nikki Bella across the middle rope breaking at four. Beth than runs off the ropes and jumps on the back of Nikki Bella who goes down, Beth covers her and gets a near fall off her recent offense.

Beth applies a chin lock wear down submission to try and get the submission but Nikki refuses to give it up. Nattie yells for Beth to make her pay as well at ringside.
Nikki fights out of the submission with several elbows but she then goes off the ropes into a back breaker from the Glamazon. Beth hooks the leg again but gets only two and a half on Nikki.

She then applies another submission attempt using her arms but still cannot get her to submit. Nikki fights back again but she misses a clothesline and Beth hooks up the Glam Slam. But Nikki Clotheslines her across the top rope as she runs into the ropes escaping sheer disaster right there. Nikki then drives her face first into the mat and covers her; the leg is hooked but only a near fall off that exchange.

Beth then recovers near the ropes and throws Nikki outside the ring now this looks like a legit injury and hope Beth is okay. She twists her ankle after jumping down from the ring Apron to the outside. This stalls the whole match as even divas on the outside are not sure what to do but suddenly they all jump on Beth and Nattie tries to get them off of Beth.

Brie throws Beth back into the ring and the referee asks if she can continue Beth literally crying yes and hen Nikki rolls her up with the ugliest roll up I seen in a long time and shocks the world by winning her first Divas Championship.
It really looks like Beth was meant to win here but they changed the decision due to her injury and ending her 200 day reign as champion. Natalya helps her pinup strong friend Beth after the match is over as the Bella Twins celebrate in the ring.

Winner – And New Divas Champion Nikki Bella

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