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Smackdown Live, Detailed Results – 02/05/2017 – A, W...
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After the opening segment, the Match between Natalya and Naomi vs Charlotte and Smackdown Womans championship, as I predicted earlier in day was promoted later tonight, but before we get there we have a few backstage segments to cover.

The first segment was Natalya, Tamina, James Ellesworth and Carmella featured backstage pitching to Becky she needs to join, The Queen of Heart’s division and make it their own. She should join not just for herself but for wwe universe. She then tells her about how many times Charlotte stabbed her and everyone in the back to get what she wants. She even went on to say she was first ever draft for Smackdown Live for the woman and she should be one getting the title match, not Charlotte flair.
“I never though of it like that, let me have time to think about it!” replied Beck. See below Video Stream of this backstage segment below, I have added videos for each segment.

Segment 1 Video

They showed Last weeks beatdown by the Queen of Hearts, Faction on Charlotte and Naomi, after they interrupted the match. It then showed Charlotte being interviewed and she came across as a sort of in between a heel and babyface. The welcome committee, aka the Queen of Hearts, Natalya, Carmella and Tamina interrupted her, she attacked Nattie, which then lead to three on one beatdown. See video below for this segment

Segment 2 Video

Naomi then walked down the Aisle in her awesome feel the glow entrance; it really is a bad ass entrance and it never gets old to watch. Then her partner Charlotte never came out during the commercial break and Nattie and her group came out, which seems be called the welcoming committee at this point of time. Tamina, Carmella all came out to Natalya music, proving she is top heel now on smackdown.

They all go into the ring, Tamina and Ellesworth were at ring side for team, Nattie. The match started with Carmella and Naomi. Carmella tries a right hand and misses and receives an atomic drop, so she tries then to exchange kicks with someone who is trained in kicks as she filmed the Marine 5 recently. Naomi answers back with two hard kicks and takes her down, Carmella then quick tags in our girl, Natalya.

She then locks up and takes Naomi down with a side, head-lock take down, then Naomi reverses with a headscissors, but our girl nips out of it with ease and then shows how great she is with a hand gesture, which gets some boos. Natalya gets taken down by an athletic sunset flip off the ropes but she rolls backwards and then gets taken down by an arm-drag, but then gets back up in the corner. Next, Naomi charges at Natalya and she gets taken down on her ass by a unique, sling-shot, atomic drop. Nattie gets a head of steam off the ropes for her signature step over drop kick, but she had it well scouted. Naomi, then knocks, Natalya, out of the ring. Naomi then tries to baseball slide her and she gets caught and Nattie smashes her head first right into the steel steps; now that is going to leave a mark and starts to spell disaster for the smackdown woman’s champion. Natalya then gloats and gets a negative reaction and gets back into the squared circle.

Next, Natalya slams her face first into mat and starts stomping away on the back of her head and prances again showing that she is wrestling royalty. Jbl then claimed she made up the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be, but we know it was her uncle Bret that did.
She then face front-locks her and drags over to Carmella who tags herself in off the back of our girl.
They then double knock he backwards on back of Naomi’s head doing more damage to it. Carmella then is legal and applies a reverse chinlock to naomi, wearing her down in the squared circle. Naomi fights back up to a vertical base, but is then shut down by Carmella athleticism as she floats over and pulls her down from behind right into the canvas. She then hammers away instead of going for a cover and then starts choking her on middle rope and posing on her sideways, which leads then to first actual cover of the match; as the sunset flip was simply rolled out of earlier.

Naomi kicks out at two and grabs the bottom rope as well. Carmella then tags in Natalya again; Nattie then follows up with shot to mid-section to Naomi. She then gives her a hard slap to the jawline, which rocks Naomi backwards against the ropes and into the bottom left turnbuckle. Next, Natalya puts the boots to her in corner about, five to be exact. Nattie then walks into a kick to the tummy, and this only makes our girl angry as she kicks her in shoulders. She then whips, Naomi, into the ropes, she misses with a clothesline and then both girls have the same idea and score a double crossbody on each other. Both girls are down and then Charlottes Music booms through the arena and she walks out down the aisle clutching at her midsection as it was viciously, assaulted when it was rammed into that metal case backstage, not long ago.

She climbs up gingerly as she is hurt, but wants to get into the match and reaches out to tag Naomi; Natalya, momentarily stops her, but she is double kicked backwards and Charlotte is tagged into the match off of the tag. she runs and hits glancing blow on, Natalya, and with the same momentum knocks Carmella off the ropes to the floor. Natalya then runs into reverse knife-edge chop taking her down to the canvas with a single blow, she gets up and receives another. The 3rd chop, only rocks Nattie backwards, she then hits a unique neck-breaker, which sets up natalya conveniently for big boot and takes her down to mat and Charlotte gets fired up.
She tries to apply her finisher the figure-four, leg lock, but Carmella prevents this from happening as she illegally enters the ring and makes, Charlotte, release the hold; although, she knocks, Carmella down, who rolls out the ring. She runs at, Natalya in the corner. Natalya lifts her up over, but Charlotte counters by smashing her into the turnbuckle and then kicks Carmella off the Apron. However, our girl as a nice counter waiting, her signature Nattie by Nature, clothesline, which knocks her down onto apron onto hardest part of the ring. It then goes to a commercial break.

After the commercial break, Natalya tags herself out as, Carmella as her in a body scissors, wear down submission hold. Charlotte then battles back out of it and pushes her back into corner to break the hold; However, carmella pulls her down by blonde locks before she can make the hot, tag to Naomi. CArella then stomps on her several times and hooks the leg and gets a two and half counter on Charlotte as she powers out with her free leg; Naomi looks on concerned as she reaches out for a tag with her arm.

Carmella then makes a huge mistake as she leaps at her in corner and misses, Charlotte then crawls slowly towards Naomi and finally makes the incinerating, hot tag, the crowd gets behind the champion as she comes in like a house on fire as she spring board, crossbodies carmella right over the top rope. She then turns and knocks our girl off the apron with a forearm smash. She uses her unique skill-set again as carmella tries block a drop kick in corner and hits her with a jumping side-kick the jaw sending crashing down to canvas. She then runs full force against the ropes and hits her with a jumping jaw breaker and nips up and prances to crowd to get them more into the match.
Naomi connects with one of her finishers the rear, view, but natalya distracts the referee from counting, she then hits a running side scissor kick knocking our Superstar, Natalya, off of the apron, and then James Ellesworth gets up on apron causing, yet a further distraction. Carmella rolls the champion for the upset using her tights for illegal, extra leverage and gains the three count, on the Smackdown Woman’s champion and scores the victory for Queen of hearts faction.

Winner = Carmela and Natalya

Check out the video below of the match

Natalya and Carmella vs Naomi and Charlotte

After the match is over, Naomi attacks carmella. The charlotte comes back in to help, but they get beaten down by the numbers game once again. The Becky Lynches music hits the area and she walks slowly down the ramp. She then takes her time to make her mind and it looks like she wants to join, Natalya, and her cause as she shakes Tamina, and carmellas hands. She also even goes as far deceiving, Natalya, by hugging her and then blasts James Ellesworth into Tamina. She starts beat up the faction, but Tamina answers back with a superkick, followed by another one as our girl holds her up, then Carmella hits another superkick to the face of Becky Lynch. All of them brag as they leave Charlotte, Becky and the current women’s champion, laying on their backs.

(My thoughts, pretty solid match by all four woman involved, and the storyline is building symphony for Charlotte, Becky and Naomi; it develops the storyline further)

Source – WWE for Media

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