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Natalie Nattie Katherine Neidhart[ (born May 27, 1982) is a Canadian professional wrestler. She is currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on its Raw brand under the ring name Natalya. She is the cousin of David Hart Smith and is the real-life girlfriend of Tyson Kidd, her teammates in The Hart Dynasty. 

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SummerSlam Results- The Queen of Harts, Becomes Champion! –...
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They start off, with showing video promo package where our girl was disrespecting the champion because Naomi changed the title and Nattie is a purest and did not like the title being changed turning it into a kids toy, (oh burn).

They, then showed Natalya, retreating from, Naomi, after adding some insult to injury with the sharpshooter on Becky Lynch, after making her tap out.

Next, we get into the match, Natalya comes out first dressed in her pink and black attack, outfit and walks with purpose to the squared-circle. she then poses and taunts the crowd to get a little bit more heat.
Afterwards out comes, Naomi, with her green, ring gear and does her beautiful Glow entrance, which sets her apart and do love the entrance, personally. The Ring, announcer then introduces, Natalya, and then the champion.

Natalya, starts off very aggressively, and attacks, Naomi as soon as the bell has even rung. She, kicks her several times and punches her in the face, and then goes for her sliding dropkick to head, which is then countered, by Naomi. she then forces Natalya to retreat outside of the ring and she then delivers a really nice Blockbuster, neck-breaker to our girl on the outside. ( That spot looked sick, btw) Next Naomi throws, Natalya back into the ring, and gets a near fall on our girl. Naomi, then whips her into bottom corner, And then she jumps over the top rope to the apron. However, our girl uses her veteran, prowess-like, ring general savvy, and catches her leg over the top rope rope causing her to injure one of her legs; Natalya, is now in the drivers seat as she takes control of the match after smashing her head first into ring post off, of a slingshot. (That spot also looked freaking good)

Natalya, then applies a reverse chin lock, but is unable get the submission and then stomps her in the corner after shutter her down after she broke the rest hold. Next, they show the Princess, of Statin Island with the MITB, Briefcase looking on where, Tom Phillips mentioned she is threat to both Naomi and Natalya.
Natalya then delivers a standing, snap-suplex, and drills Naomi’s, spine first, down into the canvas and gets near fall and she then shouts out towards the official, “Do, your damn job, referee!”
She then tries to deliver a second, suplex, But the champion counters into small package, almost scoring pinfall on our girl; although, she powers out at two and a half. Naomi’s offense is then shutdown, by Natalya, in the form of a heart attack clothesline, for another, count of two.

Nattie, then toys with Naomi holding her green locks, and then she lands stiff kick to the ribs, which had to have hurt a lot, knocking the wind out of Naomi as well. Natalya, then chokes her on the middle rope, using the full five count, without being disqualified; she. then pulls the rope so Naomi flies back into the canvas, a nice heel move their to get more heat on her.

Naomi tries to fight back, with three hard kicks to Natalya’s built, thighs but she catches her into the Michoku driver and gets another close near fall on the champion. She then accuses the referee again on not counting properly, and then yells, “Shut up to the crowd!”
She then hooks in an abdominal stretch submission move, but is unable make Naomi give it up. Eventually, Naomi, counters the hold and gets out of it, but she then gets hit by the discus clothesline, aka Nattie-By-nature, clothesline. She, then gets really close count on Naomi, who rolls her shoulder up at the last second.
Next, Natalya gets into the referees face because of his incompetence. Natalya, then tries for second rope superplex, but, Naomi, counters with a shot to the lower back. She, then delivers a stunning second rope, side Russian, Leg-sweep on our girl.

Both Sexy, Woman are down, as Naomi tries to recover from hitting that big more on our girl. They show a replay of the move as Naomi goes into a really late cover, but, Natalya, kicks out at one. Both of them, then exchange right hands, Naomi, starts to gain the upper hand, as she whips Natalya into the ropes, but makes a rookie mistake. She, puts her head down too early, and eats a kick to the shoulder; Natalya, then attempts to take her head off, of her shoulders with a second discus, clothesline, but Naomi ducks and counters with a heel kick to the face. Naomi sees she damaged, Natalya, and quickly hooks her up in between her legs in the form of a head scissors and drives her into the mat, face first. Naomi, is unable to get the three count as our girl powers out at two and a half.

Naomi, yells, “Glow Time!” and hits several kicks, but Natalya had this offensive flurry well scouted, and pulls, Naomi, down forcing her to do the splits and hits her signature, drop kick to the head and gains another near fall on the champion. Natalya sells the match and her injuries as both girls get back to their vertical bases, slowly and do battle once again. Natalya locks in a side headlock and tries to use a Stratus-faction but Naomi catches her on second ropes and makes her fall down and hits sizzling leg drop from the top rope. (this spot looked freaking awesome)
Naomi, then almost pins our girl, but Natalya will not be denied tonight as she rolls the right shoulder off, of the canvas, before the referees hand could land for a third time.

they both sell a little bit more, and then go into the corner as, Natalya, tries to regain control with belly to back, suplex, but Naomi counters it into a roll up; although, Natalya kicks out. Next, Naomi tries to lock her submission onto her, but our girl counters into the sharpshooter. Natalya, is closing in on her second title run in six year as she forces Naomi scratch and claw to the ropes. Our girl can;t quite get the hold in properly… but, she sees, she is trying to get there and pulls her back to the middle of the ring. The ring positioning is great, but Naomi somehow counters it, much like at Battle ground, she hits the back of her head on the bottom turnbuckle.

Naomi sees the opportunity to go for split legged moonsalt; although, it does not pay off tonight as our girl, gets her knees up. Natalya, does not waste a single heartbeat, as she goes back to her deadly sharpshooter, and this time, Natalya really locks it in tightly. Naomi, has nowhere to go and has no choice, but to eventually tap out, crowning a new Smackdown, Woman’s champion.

Winner = Natalya and New Smackdown Woman’s champion.

After the match the showed Naomi crying, in the ring as, Natalya, celebrates with the title in her hands, they teased a possible cash as I thought Noami was going to attack, Natalya, but that would have been a heelish thing to do… not, a baby-face type move. Our, girl exits with the belt and holds it up in the aisle as the they go to the next match.

(my thoughts on the match, solid performance from both girls, they left it all in ring, some unique spots that were well executed, I score this 4 star match, if it had been little longer with more build I would have given this 5 stars)

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